We are recruiting two PhD students to work in the areas of human-computer interaction, participatory design, and learning sciences starting in Fall 2022.

Our Research Focus

Our research lab focuses on methods and techniques to democratize expert processes like design and data science.


Given this ambitious and transdisciplinary focus, I am open to any research idea that relates broadly to my expertise and research goals. I strongly welcome students from a wide range of disciplines that include Computer Science, Design, Psychology, Public Policy, and Cognitive Science. Above all, PhD students in the lab should be excited to work in cross-functional teams where they lead by recognizing and amplifying the talents of those around them.

Students with a computing focus should have experience or interest in one or more of the following topics: information visualization, knowledge graphs, natural language processing, machine learning, or web development.

Students with a design or education focus should have experience with some of the following: experiment design, qualitative data analysis, user researcher, preparing design workshops, teaching, mentorship, design facilitation, UI design

HCI at Temple University

The HCI Lab at Temple University started in August 2021 and is already growing rapidly. We currently have ten undergraduate students in the lab, with three of them coming from the Temple CS department. In September, our team hosted our first community design jam at the San Diego Design Week. As our lab continues to grow, UPenn and Princeton have recently created HCI labs in the broader Philadelphia region. This surging regional investment in HCI research will hopefully lead to a community of researchers, practitioners, and educators who care about how people and technology interact. In the region, our lab is unique because we focus primarily on working with and for local communities. Come join me to work with local communities, city officials, and educators in Philadelphia!

Temple University is an R1 Research University located in the heart of Philadelphia. Over the last 5 years, the CS department at Temple has ranked 77th in the USA based on faculty citations. As one of two public universities in Philadelphia, Temple also deeply cares about positively impacting our city. This unique focus on scientific and social impact is a hallmark for our university and our lab.

How to Apply

You must apply and be admitted to Temple University to work with me as a PhD student.

You are also strongly encouraged to send me an email with the following:

The Application Deadline is January 15th, 2022