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Fall Human-AI Interaction

Spring Information Visualization

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Jan '23 I am serving on the TPC for ACM Creativity and Cognition '23

Dec '22 Our Project was funded by the NSF Convergence Accelerator Program

May '22 Both our undergraduate teams had posters accepted at ICER 2022!

Mar '22 Andrew Tran was selected for the IBM Tech Scholars Program!

Dec '21 I am a speaker at the NSF Life Long Learning Workshop

Dec '21 It is an honor to be selected for the EdTech program at Temple.

Oct '21 I am proud to join the Center for Hybrid Intelligence at Temple!

Oct '21 We will demo our ProbMap system at UIST 2021

Aug '21 I started as an Assistant Professor at Temple University

Jun '21 Our Team will be hosting a design workshop at San Diego Design Week!

May '21 Our ProbLib system paper was accepted at for publication C&C 2021

Apr '21 I am facilitating a design thinking workshop at ScaleSD

Jan '20 Our analysis of end-user design at Canvas was accepted at CSCW 2021

Dec '20 I moderated a panel on design equity at the Tunisia Design Week

Dec '20 CoNotate was accepted for publication at CHI 2021

Nov '20 Our exploratory study of search in early-stage design is accepted at CHIIR 2021

May '20 I was selected by the World Design Organization to join their YDC program

Mar '20 Curri was accepted for publication at ASEE 2020

Feb '20 I am giving a guest lecture in Steven Dow's Civic Design Course

Feb '20 I am giving a guest lecture in Mary Boyle's Intro to Cognitie Science Course

Jun '19 Joined the UCSD Design Lab, working with Steven Dow!

May '19 Presented IneqDetect at CompEd in Chengdu China!

May '19 Graduated!

Apr '19 Dissertation successfully defended!

Dec '18 IneqDetect was accepted for publication at ACM CompEd 2019

Oct '18 I attended the FIE Doctoral Symposium

Jun '18 3 papers accepted at IEEE FIE 2018!

May '18 I am serving as the Media Chair for ICCC 2019

Spring '18 I am team-teaching the System Integration course!

Jan '18 Our study of design cognition in NatureNet was published at DCC 2018!

2017 Winner 2016-2017 CCI TA of the Year Award!

May '17 I've just joined the NatureNet team.

Aug '17 I attended the ICER Doctoral Consortium

Jun '17 I presented our paper "Dimensional Reasoning and Research Design Spaces"

Jun '17 I presented our paper "Co-creating dimensions and examples using design space gaps."

May '16 I am at the University of Tokyo this summer hosted by Dr. Koji Yatani.

Building on theories from learning sciences, social computing, and human-computer interaction my goal is to democratize design and education by integrating the perspectives of non-experts. Specifically, I design and develop sociotechnical systems that scaffold and coordinate novices to equitablly and effectively participate in work traditionally reserved for experts. By visualizing the process and outcomes, novices can make real-time adjustments and long-term changes. Through this work, I strive to affect real-world change regionally and gloablly through my involvement in Design for San Diego (D4SD) and the World Design Organization.

Previously, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the UCSD Design Lab working with Dr. Steven Dow. I completed my PhD in Computing and Informatics at UNC Charlotte where I was advised by Dr. Celine Latulipe. I received my BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University where I was advised by Dr. Niklas Elmqvist.

Positions Available! I am recruiting BS/MS students and visiting researchers to join me at Temple in the Fall 2022. Visit People to learn more.

Selected Publications (see more)

Check out Google Scholar for a full list of my publications.
Generating Code Explanations using Large Language Models
Constructing design galleries via feature extraction and semantic clustering
S. MacNeil, A. Tran, D. Mogil, S. Bernstein, E. Ross, F. Huang
ProbMap: Automatically constructed design galleries
Constructing design galleries via feature extraction and semantic clustering
S. MacNeil, Z. Ding, K. Quan, Z. Huang, K. Chen, S. Dow
ProbLib: Helping Novices to Frame Better Problems
Scaffolding to structurally decompose the problem framing process
S. MacNeil, Z. Ding, K. Quan, T. Parashos, Y. Sun, S. Dow
ACM C&C 2021
End-User Design in Canvas
A mixed-methods analysis of Canvas LMS Design Ideas
S. MacNeil, Z. Ding, A. Boone, A. Grubbs, S. Dow
CoNotate: Adaptive Query Suggestions Support Learning
Using context from designers' notes to inform search
S. Palani, Z. Ding, A. Nguyen, A. Chuang, S. MacNeil, S. Dow
ACM CHI 2021
Curri: Visualizating the Curriculum
Visualizing students' pathways through the curriculum
S. MacNeil, M. Dorodchi, E. Al-Hossami, A. Benedict, MJ Mahzoon, D. Desai
ASEE 2020, IEEE FIE 2018
IneqDetect: Visualizing Student Conversations
Supporting group reflection in contingent contexts like collaboration
S. MacNeil, K. Kiefer, D. Takle, B. Thompson, C. Latulipe
ACM CompEd '19
Educational Design Patterns
Mapping out our departments' teaching patterns
N. Dehbozorgi, S. MacNeil, ML Maher, M. Dorodchi
FIE '18, Book Chapter '20
Dimensional Reasoning
An app for dimensionalizing conceptual spaces
S. MacNeil, J. Okerlund, C. Latulipe
ACM C&C '17, ACC ICCC '17